a war story

Rex felt like he was dead. Rex, Commando and I had nothing to do but talk together everyone had nothing to do but talk together except the enemy. Rex thought” if he didn’t do something he would go crazy.” Then he also thought about the enemy “enemy has an air raid everywhere but here.” Rex went to ask Commando about the enemy and for a job.

Commando said,”Rex Will you go to camp and fix the tents please and yes the enemy will bomb here’re Rex ask “why we fixing the tents?”

Commando mumbles because um that’s why.”

I yelled “the enemy air raid the enemy air raid.” Planes were north, south, east, west and centre “are! “Everyone yelled. Guns were shooting, bombs where exploding people were dying. Suddenly a huge nuclear bomb fell to the but it didn’t explode. Lit and went on fire right next to the forest which had camp inside. Water was in short supply so we couldn’t put out the fire. Things got worse and worse. The fire caused a lot of problems. Commando went to help with getting people out of camp because there only to people two helping save them. So soon the fire lit camp. There were lots of people still inside we couldn’t save them.

I felt good about saving so many people but we could have saved more.

But the fire wasn’t the only problem we needed to help with. There was bombings and crashing planes and on top of that the biggest earthquake ever happened. It destroys everything. Destroy more than the bombs and crashing planes. It destroys all the enemy planes in seconds. We had more problems with. It destroys the ground fell far down. Rex yelled “Commando where are you.” Rex walks into I. Rex and I yelled “Commando where are you.” A weird guy came over and mumbled “Commando is dead” Rex closed his eyes and thought about him Commando. I questioned everybody about it “What happened?” No one had a clue?

Things became really hard now we had to make a ramp so we could get up to the surface. When we got to the surface I asked everyone “What happened to us and everything else too?” Still nobody had a clue about it.

It was a waste land now. Before, there were a lot of trees and towns but now it`s a waste land of nothing at all but sand. So we got work fixing it (the land0 first they made towns and camps.

Most of us are weak so in 5 or so weeks we stated remaking everything over all.

7 weeks later .We a begging to work we all think we will make a city. Rex asked “are we the Commandos?” I mumble” yes we are the Commandos.” Rex and I called” we are making a city!” But soon Rex and I find it’s too hard. It’s a dump. So we decide to move to somewhere else safe for a while. The end. Or is it.


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  1. Paula says:

    That is an action packed story Leo! Glad I don’t live in that post war world

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