Monthly Archives for February 2016

Gasing the sighting

  Gas man crashed through the roof! He now knew to eat baked beans more because it gave you super powers. Awesome! “Gas man is here to stay” he shouted.Then everyone looked up and saw Gas man, some cheered others put pegs on noses. Gas man felt good to be able to fly but he […]

My sister

The door opened and there it was my sister the evil horror from home. I try to keep cam but I couldn’t get out of what happened last year and please don’t ask me that because it was terrify and if you don’t believe me you a totally wrong to. It was the worst time […]

The Beginning

One day like normal the dancer named Alex had baked beans for breakfast but today he felt weird. Later he went to the pool no one would go near him so he got pool to himself so he went swimming when got out the pool was green and smelly then Alex yelled “yuck” so he […]

Why I should be SRC

I think I should be SRC because I contain these aspects of leadership… I am good at communication and explaining things in simple terms so that everyone at school can understand, from preps through to the teachers. You can do this by talking and hand language. I can plan ahead so I know what may […]