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BTN #Governor General

A governor General is a very powerful person because they have the power to get rid of the PM and did you know the governor general has a private jet a mansion a big holiday house and a fleet of cars but they only have this because You are the representative for the queen because […]

Why not to look after a power station

When the connection broke I sat there as the most horrific thing step of the power station I stared at the thing. Then it screamed ” I will destroy you”. Then I ran as fast as I could. After that it stepped up and went to crash me into the station then Boom, Bang the […]


Once a man named Joe went to his neighbors to say hi. But he wasn’t there so he checked behind the house but he found nothing then he heard noises coming from the shed. It was old and run down and Joe looked inside it was a portal to everywhere at any time. So he […]