State laws

My 3 facts: There was a time when there no Australia just six states. All the states are different they have different sports, industry and laws. That the federal parliament can change state laws.

My 2 understandings: That states sometimes make laws against federal parliament. I don’t think we should have a court but states can’t go against federal parliament.

My question: why do we have a high court.

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  1. aryaveer2014 says:

    I really like the facts and I can answer your question we need a high court to make large scale decisions.

  2. sammy2014 says:

    Hi Leo

    I really like your ”state laws” writing, it was a grate paces of writing that you have put together. However I notice that there was a sentence witch was :There was a time when there no Australia I don’t think it is quite right I think you are trying to say There was a time when there was no Australia

    from Sammy.s

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