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BTN School Sports

My three facts are, that the american have schools that have a studium with seats for 95 000 people. Some players are so good that they are prized members of other teams. The americans have schools that are multi-million dollar winners. My two understanding are, that the american give schools a lot of money. The […]

Civics and Citizenship

This term we have covered Civics and Citizenship. Something’s we have learnt are how come we are democracy and why we have parliament. My 3 facts are that they another name for the house of reps the green house and the senate’s other name is red house. The members in the house of reps come […]


I had been around the palace twice but I still could not any treasure it sucks the jade palace has no treasure I know it’s a myth but I spend all my money to get there and yet nothing this is crazy. If I don’t fall on a trap door soon I will set the […]