Civics and Citizenship

This term we have covered Civics and Citizenship. Something’s we have learnt are how come we are democracy and why we have parliament.

My 3 facts are that they another name for the house of reps the green house and the senate’s other name is red house. The members in the house of reps come places called electrics. The senate allows only 12 members from each state and 2 members from the territories.

My understanding are that the states are the colonies that came together to form Australia. Parliament was first create in 1901.

My question is why did Australia’s democracy came off violence.

The most important things are that Australia was once six colonies that came together to form Australia and now the colonies are now what we call the six states. Another is that making a law is a very complex system because formal clothes that people wear and there are many steps to make a law sometimes it takes months to pass a bill. After that federal government those not look after all problems because the states/territories look after their own schools, roads, mining, etc.

I learnt about the six colonies by a btn on Australian democracy I about the system from the House of reps video and the passing a bill game. Lastly I learnt about state laws from the state laws btn.

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