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My goal was to set it slow so it isn’t everything happening at once. This is the 100 word: One day I saw a man of steel who sat next to a man of skin and bone. They sat at the airport at one of the many cafes in the place I look at they seem […]

My goals for term 2

  My science goals are to understand solids, liquids and gases have observable properties and behave in different ways. Also that I can with guidance, pose questions to clarify partial problems or inform a scientific investigation, and predict what the finding of an investigation might be. My maths goal is to compare data with predictions […]

I got this hat

One day I was waiting to go into the stands at Brisbane I waiting to see Australia vs China in soccer. I was really hoping the Australia would win. Then my Mum pulled something out her bag my lucky soccer cap. I still remember the time I got this hat the Royal Melbourne Show with my […]

Btn Recycling Scheme My facts are that South Australia and the Northern Territory have a recycling plan. The plan is to give people 0.1$ every time they recycle drinking cans. NSW also thinks this idea is good but costly. I understand that if it happens in Victoria drinks in the shop will be costly but it will […]


This time I had a goal to go over my writing before I transfer/publish and I check the 100wc challenge version after woulds also and I have not done so in the last few times. Also this is my 100 word: I was running down the old, wooden stairs. I need to burn down this […]


As I walked down the street the the only sound was silence I had just bought some bread and an orange as I walked home I heard thunder and saw lighting it also began to rain. So I ran as fast as I could towards home. Just as I began running it hailed like normal […]

BTN tax balance

Today I watch this BTN on the budget Australia may have to pay/deficit of 37 billion dollars by next year another fact is to grow the economy the next is any one losing money is bad. The understands are if the economy does not grow Australia will lose a lot of money the other is […]

Privacy awareness week

Today it was Education and Privacy awareness week so we watched Webinar on being a good bystander and learning about cyber bullying. The presentation was run by Sandra and Kelly who are from the eSafety Commission took us through some examples of being a good bystander. The examples were about a girl called Amy was […]


Everything is being destroyed, it’s the end of the world. Everything is disappearing I can’t see anything at all. Stairs? But that’s not possible is this what they call the stair way to heaven. “So I shall climb these the stair and see if they lead anywhere”. I said to myself. What felt like forever […]

btn submarines

Here is the link: I know we should have new subs but building them Australia is bad because it costs less and it’s fasted. The subs will be bigger and more armed and we already have some subs called the collin’s class but they were designed in the 80’s and that leaves me to […]