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BTN Brexit

The British are looking to leave EU. The EU is organization that create laws for each other. There 28 members of the EU and they all have the same currency the euro. I think that the UK should stay in the EU. I understand that they are a small country but the shouldn’t pull out […]


My goal this week is to write as if I was the main character. I was in armed guard truck with all the cash I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see but to steal would be wrong. I know if you steal you can be fine or sentence to […]


This week my goal is to show the worst that could happen. I was on my airplane which was on its to Paris to see the famous violin player. When the pilot vomited disgusting yellow stuff. I guess he has eaten something that didn’t agree with him or he had something which was spoiled. Then […]

BTN Storm Erosion A few days ago the eastern coast of Australia took a storm erosion. Erosion is when something breaks up when it can’t with stand that much measure from liquid. A king tide is where the sun and the moon align and where ever the king is the place the align moon and sun. I […]

Refection on my speech

I didn’t have to much trouble finding answers because there was a lot but with all the info I found it hard to choose the best info another was finding a great image because not many had showed the molecules or atoms in the image. I think a strong point was being able to explain […]

Binoic Boy My facts are that there is a disease that is called cerebral palsy which unable you to do every day things. The only body part that you can control well are your eyes when you have cerebral palsy. Also meaning that you can’t have independence because you need help to most things without machines. […]


Today my goal is to make the ending interesting by leave you thinking. Great today is the big game I just want to see victory. Because it is the world final and both teams a too evenly matched for victory. They’re about to start the in 3,2,1 a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. The umpire […]

Why water expands when frozen, speech

Hello 5/6B, Have you ever looked at water and ice, now ask our self if one is bigger. So today I’m going to talk about why water expands when frozen, and why this is unusual. It makes a big difference to the world we live in. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen bonded […]

The battle at the village

  Long ago far through the ages there was a village. In the village lived four boys. John and Noah brothers and two best friends also brothers Mitch and Roy. These boys always stayed together. They were some of the only who were people who ever schooled in the village. The village was very old, […]