The battle at the village


Long ago far through the ages there was a village. In the village lived four boys. John and Noah brothers and two best friends also brothers Mitch and Roy. These boys always stayed together. They were some of the only who were people who ever schooled in the village.

The village was very old, older than your great, great, great grandfather meaning it needed repairs quite a bit. But as it got older people came from all around and lived, created buildings, farms and other things. The school the boy went to taught the boys and the children fishing, boating, farming, sword fighting, maths and literacy. Because the boys could read they survive the terror. The terror is a band of figures who destroy everything in sight and never their rage and they the boy’s village.

So one day the terror rode towards the village everyone thought it was a trader so a few sales men went out and were chop to bits then everyone started screaming so each one of the boys hid in a barrel of rum. As everyone ran around the figures/attackers fired a huge rock at the wall of the village making the wall a complete ruin. About 5 seconds afterwards John yelled at the top of his “RUN” right after that a scroll landed at his feet it said when in danger take the escape to the port. Mitch who was looking over his arm and said “let’s go now” so we ran followed by a group of others who were getting shot by arrows when they got to the tunnel no one was following so they ran down as fast as could until they reached the port there was only old boat with five beds one large tub for a bath a few barrels of fresh water a kitchen a little lounge room and a moderately sided deck. But after a Noah to the kitchen and saw such little food hardly anything to survive on.

After Noah asked the others if they would come and get some at the village they all reply yes. So off they went grab some food. Went the got village the figures had left because they saw them riding out of the village and they could see Newcastle up in flames so after they knew they were the only people alive for hundreds of miles around now after realising there was only such material and food they looked and looked and found. There loaves of bread, a bag of apples, beef, chicken, lamb, an axe, two swords, a hoe, a shovel and a cart. So they loaded the food and tools on the cart and walk to the tunnel and found Jack the fox he was so cool but he kept getting into the food but they still kept him. To the boat to load the tools and food but they knew they needed more food and more knowledge and someone to look after them. Luckily they found a map in the hold and it showed the location of all the nearby Islands with a compass afterwards they course for port Questser to the north so they cased anchor and sat sail to find hope.

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