Refection on my speech

I didn’t have to much trouble finding answers because there was a lot but with all the info I found it hard to choose the best info another was finding a great image because not many had showed the molecules or atoms in the image.

I think a strong point was being able to explain what was happening and what the atoms did why it is important to have and the other details. Another may be my cue cards they were the right side for my hand so I could have them n my hand if I needed them.

I could change so I have everything done early so if something pops up I can go back and fix it without having to change to much. Also go over my work every paragraph so I don’t take so much time after finishing the speech.

I can use the skill of speaking in every class because I can give my answers or saying an idea. For listening I can also use it in every class because I can listening to everyone else is idea and the lesson.

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