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Deadly earthquakes hit New Zealand #BTN

BTN Deadly earthquakes hit New Zealand My facts are that the city of Christchurch was hit by a earthquake on 22/2/2011. The earthquake magnitude was 6.3. Christchurch had a earthquake before it’s magnitude was 7.1. My understanding are a earthquake 5kms from is really close to the surface and destroys a lot. And we don’t […]

100wc #27

Was to not have the challenge based on sort of thing. I was lost I had nowhere to go but then I felt something and turned around and saw apart of the forest I had never it was beautiful. I saw some sort weird kitten/knife thing whatever it was, it was unusual species, as I […]

BTN Seed Bank

BTN seed bank clip My facts are that the world’s largest amount of different plant species is called the doomsday vault. The doomsday vault has plant species from all over the world. The doomsday vault is located in the arctic. I think it’s smart to have place like doomsday could happen or a species could […]

BTN US Shooting

My facts are that in Orlando at a nightclub a attack went on. At least 50 people were killed. Omar Marteen was the attacker. My Understandings are that they should let people have such weapons allowed to carry. And I think that was a huge number of people killed in that assault. Why don’t the […]


Today was not like most days .Sunshine beamed through my window but when I went outside ice covered everything I thought I was being frozen. After I felt that I ran to my car and started the engine I backed up onto the street but when I saw my neighbor Mr ducksworth frozen much like […]

What evaporates the fastest

We did an experiment to see what liquid evaporates the fastest. We did it to cover part of our grades. It was AMAZING to see all the chemical changes and physical ones. The standard we are covering is exploring the way solids, liquids and gases change under different situations such as heating and cooling. Our aim […]