What evaporates the fastest

We did an experiment to see what liquid evaporates the fastest. We did it to cover part of our grades. It was AMAZING to see all the chemical changes and physical ones. The standard we are covering is exploring the way solids, liquids and gases change under different situations such as heating and cooling.

Our aim was to see what liquid evaporated the fastest.

So what we said for our prediction was that the lemonade will evaporate the fastest because of the bubble in the lemonade and the gas particulars are already floating up when not under the extreme heat. And oil will be the slowest to evaporate.

The materials we used were 6 rubber tubes about 50 cm’s,6 bunsen burners, beakers, orange juice, liquid hand soap, honey, lemonade, cooking oil, water 40ml’s of each of those liquids in the beakers. Reminder the water is the control.

The method we used was this method

The observation.

We observed that water and lemonade were the fastest to evaporate and finished at 22ml’s after boiling for 10 minutes. The next 2 fastest were orange juice and honey they finished at 28ml’s. The honey started to burn after 8-9 minutes. Then soap finished at 35ml’s and Oil finished at 50ml’s. All of the liquids started bubbling at sometime in experiment apart from oil. Both of the oil and honeys beakers changed colour, becoming darker. The 2 most unusual thing were that the liquid hand soap overflowed and the honey bubbled like a volcano.

The discussion.

We thought that the lemonade would be the fastest but it evaporated at the same rate as the water because lemonade is made of a lot of water and sugar. We also thought that the viscosity made liquids evaporate slower. That was partly right because oil evaporated the slowest and expand thats why the beaker the measured 50ml’s higher than 40ml’s. The reason the honey evaporated faster than liquid hand soap was that honey is mostly made of water and sugar so the water evaporated and the sugar would burn but it didn’t evaporate as fast as lemonade because it was a thicker liquid.

The conclusion.

Lemonade and water evaporated the fastest and oil evaporated the slowest. Our prediction was mostly right next time we could use different liquids or even solid.

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