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BtN 5 dollar note

BtN 5 dollar note Australia is soon to have new notes, first they’re going to replace the $5. It will be replaced by this note Updated 5 dollar note. They changed the note because of security and the note to have a new look. I think it’s smart to change the note because of security because […]


My goal is to make the reader figure out what happen. I’m just about to complete the longest walk of all time as walk the final steps I feel so overwhelmed and ready to fall down and collapse what is happening I’m actually falling over this isn’t meant to happen I’m falling there was nothing […]

BtN Olympic Success

BtN Olympic Success A few days ago the olympics ended and Australia came tenth. In the last few of years Australia been coming down the olympic tally board. This year Australia spent 340 million dollars on our athletes we have even spent 12 million dollars on 1 person that is a lot of spending. Spending […]

How to not get bored on a extremely long bus trip.

There many ways to not became extremely long bus trip but I would recommend this because it does work well for people on average. Thing that you need to do this trip a bus/car (I think it’s for the best to have it so more than one person can get), fuel (it’s most likely to […]

BtN moon exploration

BtN Moon Exploration My facts are for the last 47 years our kind (humans) have been doing space exploration. That involves walking on the moon, built space stations, sent probes to investigate far off places, landed on an asteroid and even grown space lettuce. Now private companies have started to get ready to go to […]


My goal was to make the reader not have 100% knowledge of what was going on. I was ready I knew I could totally could do this I definitely could win this race so I stepped up to the starting block then the guy shoot the pistol I dived into the water it began to […]

BtN Comparing Chile and Haiti earthquakes

BtN Comparing Chile and Haiti earthquakes Early on in 2010 one earthquake happened at the island of Haiti and on occur in Chile. The magnitude of the earthquakes were Haiti’s with 7 and Chile’s topping the Haiti with a deadly 8.8. Both of these earth a huge, they’re super big, and life changing with our […]


My goal is to make reader feel as if they were there. A earthquake a tsunami what is happening it’s like the world is ending people running everywhere poor poor familys friends and others never going to know what that day, it won’t ever be the same for me again I can only watch what […]