How to not get bored on a extremely long bus trip.

There many ways to not became extremely long bus trip but I would recommend this because it does work well for people on average.

Thing that you need to do this trip a bus/car (I think it’s for the best to have it so more than one person can get), fuel (it’s most likely to be unleaded) and something to eat otherwise you may get really hungry.

Thing you may want to bring with you someone else to come (best to have someone you actually like, friend), something to do phone, iPad, computer, book board, game, TV.

  1. Have good sleep before hand
  2. Be there on time (it’s for the best)
  3. If someone else is coming (friend) sit next to them
  4. If you have something to do well do it but remember try to split it what you’re doing over time.
  5. After a while it will be time for a stop so tell the driver that they may at the next town/city.
  6. Repeat 4,5 until you arrive at your destination (you finally get to your destination).

Notes/warnings: if someone is breaking a law (laws may as you come across new states and countries) call emergency international number 112. If do get bored don’t blame I said it works for most people. This should always work if you’re driving from Melbourne­-Canberra with 2-3 stops.

But if there is nothing to do don’t even a radio you could look out the window or think about things. Like what you could do when you get to your destination and how good you will fell when you get there.


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