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Space Rock

Space Rock On the 31/12/2012 a meteor blew up on top of the Russian Ural Mountains. The meteor didn’t hit the ground but destroyed windows and injured many. The same day a meteor came straight at earth but then looped away. I understand that gravity can create a force that stops the meteor hitting earth. And […]

Our solar system

We live in the solar system it’s four and a half billion years old. We on earth, the only known to have life it is one of the terrestrial planets of the planetree system we live in. Jupiter is the biggest planet taking up 70% of the eight planet’s masses but the sun takes up […]

Literacy circles job description

The captain of comprehension. Creates three right there questions. They’re questions found in the text. And at least one search and think questions. Those questions are part in the text part in your mind, you need to use both. Also at least one on my own questions. Those can be answered in your head.

Early understandings of space

The babylonians used writing to help them record which help them do calculations to create their calendar which is much like ours. The maya developed the mayan long count calendar they created it by using their base 20 unlike our base 10 they used this by predicting the movements of the planets and stars. Ptolemy invented […]