Monthly Archives for November 2016

Cybersafety webinar

It taught us to be more aware of what’s on the internet. What do companies use to protect themselves. What’s hacking and why. I’m going to see how to get the site protecting emoji. And other ways to protect myself online. Maybe the could of explained protection from hacks.

War with no time

It had been the longest winter that anyone had very known. As winter went on less and less people went out. It wasn’t long till the port frozen in the town of Olan named after the first king’s name. But in winter people had less but this winter we ran out of food and some […]

Mars in the future

As you may know Space X is planning to go to MARS. Elon Musk is the head of the company and wants to get to Mars in 2025. He has planed to send ships before with food and water for a chance to survive. How the hell is Elon Musk going to pull this off […]