War with no time

It had been the longest winter that anyone had very known. As winter went on less and less people went out. It wasn’t long till the port frozen in the town of Olan named after the first king’s name. But in winter people had less but this winter we ran out of food and some even died but that all changed when the guard arrived.

I had been counting it was the one hundred and ninety second day of winter after having a quarter of an apple and lick of an orange the church bells rang I tried to keep my hopes up.

I walked to the town square to what was happening when I got there a man wearing blue pants green shoes and a golden chest plate with a purple cape. He sort of glowed in the white snow and ugly, old and dark buildings and streets. He was throwing fruit fresh from the north apples, oranges, grapes, grapefruit and watermelon. He announced “eat you citizens before I tell you the grave news.

My friends Jack and John saw and John whispered “over here” I saw and ran over and I said “what’s going on” Jack said “don’t know” but John whispered “listen”.

Then he announced his grave news “the royals are dead and the castle is ruin. This was the empire of Blacktona and they are coming this way.’’ “We must leave quickly before it’s too late.” After hearing that I ran home I packed my clothes, sword and fruit. Then I went village’s stables and mounted my jet black, brown mane and strong legs. His name was Ace. After feeding him I rode to the village square to see John and Jack .Jack said “ready” me and John said “ready”. Then Jack pulled out a dark and dusty parchment the map.

He said “fancy man gave this to me” I said “let’s follow this” John said “might as well”. Then we were off.

About two hours into our journey we saw herds of cattle and sheep coming by, then loads of people in wagons and on horse it was. Soon after some of the others from the village had caught up and said “fancy pants is helping the others catch up”. I was confused I thought he might an enemy the weapon he carried was made from a rare metal only commonly in Blacktona. By the end of the day we reached the city of Serdfgh it’s where the kings a crowned. As we went in very few came out of what must be the exit gate where they watch by guards probably looking for enemies. As we arrived we decided to pick up three swords and some meat and bread. Luckily we brought enough money for a sword each food and some to spare. We ate then we went to what be the best sword man because he had the same deal as everybody else and he had the most shoppers. When we went in the man “watch your backs I’ve been walking around there’s this posh man following you.” We looked at each and knew what he meant. Then we booked a room together because it’s safer.

In the morning we got and went we needed to be out early otherwise we knew we would be stuck in this really long line so I picked up Ace, Jack picked up Stream and John picked up firepower. Then we walked to the exit, thank god there’s only ten people in front.

After we got out we rode past the village of Cracktona to the final checkpoint the super port of Ponoi the city of Endacore cold and about to snow in the bloody war that many had fought in our poor, gloomy kingdom of ruin. We walk with our horse tiredly to the small room we’d be staying for the night as we got I just fell on the hay and fell asleep alongside Jack and John the horse stood asleep like normal. In the morning the john we looked around he even left his horse why does do things like this but his sword was clean and shiny with a small stream of blood slowly flowing down the cold hearted weapon of murder and death. Then second after finding it we were in a bag and were given this cold drink that us fall asleep.

When I woke we were in a cellar and a man came and said run unground don’t ask just live we looked at each other and said I got “a feeling about this”.

As we ran towards the bottom we saw John bleeding and Mr posh about to kill I grab my sword and ran in. I dragged my sword back and forth it was so heavy, I couldn’t believe how easy he made it look then John said “go I will not follow you but he will” then again “go quickly he will follow. I and Jack ran and when we got to the end of the tunnel we Mr posh push his sword into John. Mr posh said “bye and good luck with him”. I ran scooped up Jack I wished this would never had happened then a eerie dark portal appeared and me Jack knew what to we went straight into the unknown destination of the other side along with John corps, our swords, food and sleeping gear to a new hell.

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