Hour of code

Today we had a session of code. Code is a system that tech revolves around to do thing/commands. We used this site This is our coding website . We did this during the hour of code. This world wide and this is when many participate and some code. In the next generation we could be coding machines to do jobs humans have been doing for YEARS.

I have heard that everything on tech is code and that means computer games :). And to make my own would be awesome and for it to work. After that just play, play, play. That would be so much fun.

Making all that code was hard and to make it ONE go with out using brackets is to much first you can place brackets within brackets it’s hard to understand and now my goal is to know the binary 1,0,1,0. Boy now that’s what I call impossible.

At school we should a specialist at school who teachs us code thur games. Because every one wants to and Queensland made it a subject for all its students from prep-year 12. And a club running every lunch where us kids chose to teach others what we know and have fun learning and teaching others. In the future some jobs will be taken by robots such as who wants a robot lawyer and they have taken factory producing so we need to learn to code because a big future job coding

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