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BTN First Fleet

The first fleet The fleet sailed to Australia because of the amount of prisoners. My recalls are the fleet had 11 ships. That they stopped at Rio de Janeiro and went thourgh the cape of hope south Africa My questions why Australia so far from England? How did England lose in war against america? My Insight […]

BTN The encounter

The encounter The video was about a girl who a cow and some British and talked to her nana about them The recalls I have are the aboriginals dislike the British. Also that they aren’t use to cows. Aboriginals live in camps. My questions why do the aboriginals dislike the British? Why do the British […]


I’m quite good with communication / talking to others it’s not a strength but I do quite well. I can talk nicely or if they need to know I can talk more sternly to them. I can talk to most others and express my thoughts to them but not as many as I try I aim […]

Safer Internet Day

Today we did a webinar for safer internet day. There 128 countries that have Safer Internet day we did the Victoria webinar. We learned that you can make things private via settings. It’s common to have people trying to take info from you. A digital footprint is your life online. If people are mean you […]

Letter to Ant

I’m Leo, I like going for runs, playing video games, playing and watching soccer. I have two sisters. I enjoy writing,reading. At school, I find it easier to learn from the teacher. I also enjoy working on my computer.