I’m quite good with communication / talking to others it’s not a strength but I do quite well. I can talk nicely or if they need to know I can talk more sternly to them. I can talk to most others and express my thoughts to them but not as many as I try I aim for.

I’m okay at leadership. I’m nice to others and i’m one of the captains of softball.The teachers, kids of our team voted for me. And I can control groups of people. Like sometimes out of school things like a soccer team and scouts.

The values of our school may seem easy but can be tricky. First respecting everyone and everything is so hard like when someone discourages you or if there thing is really cool. Second optimism means being happy I can’t do that all the time because a least a lot of little sad things are gonna happen in your life. Next caring is a lot easier a lot like respect but just being nice to each other. Collaboration all you have to do is work well in a team and be nice to them (everyone gets a say). I can’t that all the time but certainly do a lot.

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