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I dashed around the corner still being chased down by him it’s beginning to feel really cold then he turned the corner brown waistcoat upon him then I realized this was woman with such beautiful coat she turned asked to me have my picture. Of course I said “NO”. Then she pulled her camera. Then I […]

Anh Do’s experiences coming to Australia

Anh Do video on coming to Australia This video was about Anh Do’s experiences coming to Australia and things that happen when he got here. Anh Do was rescued why Germans because his Dad damaged his boat. The Nun’s who gave them clothes gave them all the right clothes just his little brother dressed as a girl. […]

Federation speech

Men, Women and Governor with deepest pride I’m here to tell you we need to federate. Governor I your power but our economy is falling terribly. I have seen the poor people trying to get good pay in other colonies from selling goods. But it cost so much. Then people try to get around it by smuggling. People […]

BTN Federation explained

BTN federation (abc spash) In the video it talked about how and bit why Australia grew to federation. The bigger and more populated colonies thought they had to supply the other colonies I guess that would weaken New south Wales and Victoria the powerful colones. The smaller colonies thought they would be controlled by the […]

Spider 100wc

Geez Bro you have seen this in real. Okay that sounds bad so what hurt you. That’s every unusual so where the backyard. I’ll get Mum. So where in the backyard. So the play room. I see the spider web. Show me what happen so you got bitten by. Mum ring triple 000 Buck as […]

100wc #1 of 2017

Geez once again I can’t not slip seriously how is it possible it can’t just be fixed everyone knows I’m the fastest but whenever I race slip or trip. And I always have the same track someone so fixed my chances of racing geez I can’t get over it second SECOND. How just how it […]

BTN What happens if you disobey

Recalls: Convicts may have been thee lower class but had a good chance at a good life after their sentence. The two soldiers private Suds & private Thomson tried to steal cloth. Because they want to get caught my the higher ranking officers.  Questions: Why did the convicts sort get better off in Australia than […]


I enjoy camp here’s why. One of the activities I like were Geo Caching that’s where you go to different locations. We had questions to answer to unlock the chest full of mars bars. YUM. I also enjoyed abseiling down the cliff it was really scary. I went first. And it was so much fun. […]