I enjoy camp here’s why. One of the activities I like were Geo Caching that’s where you go to different locations. We had questions to answer to unlock the chest full of mars bars. YUM.

I also enjoyed abseiling down the cliff it was really scary. I went first. And it was so much fun.

Surfing was so much fun I guess surfing is harder than I first thought and you need to stretch firstJ.

Sand boarding well it’s fun but the catch is that you will get very sandyL. But going felt so good apart from falling off the board then roll down the dune.

The seal was the best part we were a boat that the guy did cool stuff with the boat. Donuts ,air time, jumps ,spins. And the seals were so cute I could get over them I want one as pet to live on the rock.

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  1. hamisht2016 says:

    Nice background Leo! I like it.
    From Hamish.

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