100wc that

I walked in to the lab there were bodies everywhere in the walls and they were hard like the lab walls. I sat down and type this up and I turned ,behind me was a note cover in dust and pieces and rock. I didn’t understand, suddenly the lights began to flicker I walked to the power switch and in the wires weren’t linked up I thought to myself “that electrician is really bad the light got worse and worse I got to my computer and it was smashed but on it just barely visible “prepare”. And on the ground at my feet was a…

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  1. antsclass says:

    Leo, this is the best 100 word challenge you have written this year. It is filled with suspense as slowly, one by one, you reveal the mysterious details of what you see. By the end I have become incredibly curious about what is happening….
    One thing that is important for you to pay closer attention to is your full stops. Particularly in a piece like this, they make it easier to understand what’s happening, and help you craft the length of your sentences to increase the suspense.
    Great work!

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