I picked it up it was damp and rip I turned around again nothing like before I turned back and fore a few times eventually I sat down to a ant on the my wrecked computer with a prefect sphere of water just struggling to move it. I looked back at the note and sighed. I stood up toss and turned then saw it. It had a weapon and looked cold and dead then he held out his note the words upon it struck my heart I didn’t know there’s a time limit on survival it read “it is to late”

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  1. brynn2016 says:

    Hi Leo,
    Good job on your 100 WC. I like your use of bold and italics at the end. It was a good idea and left on a cliff hanger and made you confused and want more. I was a bit confused with some punctuation. Sometimes if you aren’t careful it’s hard to understand what you mean or what you are trying to say. Just be careful and double check if you should be using more commas or where you need a full stop. Other than that, good job!

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