Btn battle of the coral sea

75 years ago the battle of the coral began.

During WW2 Australia and the USA sided and went into battle at the coral sea. It was the first ever sea air battle because both the allies and axis ships were hidden. Many pilots couldn’t land because to low petrol or being on fire, some of the messages sent by them were goodbyes.

Why did the Germans even start war with the UK after they signed a paper about not going to war WW1. Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour because it attracted the USA into the war.

I learnt that the USA and the Australians formed a alliance because they were both threated by the Japanese if the took over the coral sea. 

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  1. joel2017 says:

    I have learned from this post that Australia and the USA teamed up for WW2. I also learned that the they were battling the Japanese! What do like writing?!

  2. antsclass says:

    You are getting better and better with your BTN reflections. This is a very interesting topic. Later this year the year 6s will have the opportunity to attend a service to commemorate the Battle for Australia which remembers a series of battles which include the Battle for the Coral Sea. It would be wonderful for you to be our expert about this when we attend the service in September…..
    Well done,

  3. hamisht2016 says:

    Hi leo. i liked how your btn had lots of info also whats your email address? (email, not gmail)

  4. phoebe2014 says:

    Hi Leo
    Good job on this, you included lots of facts that I could learn from. Just remember correct punctuation, like with your questions I didn’t know they were questions because they didn’t have a question mark. But they were very interesting.

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