War Games BtN

This video is about the USA and Australia training in a pretend war.

This is the link to the video on War Games

The USA dropped bombs on the coral reef in 2013 during this war game (According to the USA military it didn’t affected the reef and won’t explode). A war game is when a couple/ few country’s have a fake war with pretend locations and fake scenarios eg: capturing the filed or flying the pacific ocean for training. It was held in Australia for Australia to learn from each other and are held each couple of years. They don’t use real ammo just blanks.

Why did only 2 countries practice in this war game, coz it could of had more people training? Why do people dislike the idea of the games, coz it’s not actual war fighting with bullets?

I understand that even though they are call war games they not actual contain killing (before I thought it would be about the better country.

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