Aquarium Excursion

We visited the Melbourne aquarium we many Animals but I will tell you about a few.

This is the aquarium website

Many animals in the ocean have features for reasons like how the Port Jackson Sharks eggs are designed so the look like seaweed and feel like sea weed to. The babies in side can senses the predators coming and stop moving so the predators don’t eat them.

Lungfish can breath in air and in the sea because the have gills and lungs so they can breath when out of water (but not for to long). The ones we was were the oldest species but can only breath for a few hours. I thought it the older species would stay out longer


Fish in the coral reef must be able to stay in the coral reef to have a good chance to live safely but to stay you need to make you stay. Bright colours mean your dangerous so many coral reef animals are colours to let the other animals push them around.


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  1. Ethan Haigh says:

    Hi Leo,
    This was a really well thought and interesting piece of writing some of these adaptations I had forgotten about but it was very, very good
    Ethan 🤑🤑🤑

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