BtN Uranium Story

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In 2014 the government decided to revisit trading uranium to India. There is a treaty about creating more nuclear weapons but India hasn’t signed it. This is bad because it means India can create nuclear weaponry. Nuclear weapons are devastating and using one kills so many and leaves the place radioactive for at least centurys.

I knew Australia tried to sell Uranium to India in 2011 but not 2014. I thought the treaty was only about bombs but it’s also about other weaponry.

Why did People create Nuclear weaponry or even mine it in the first place.


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  1. antsclass says:

    this is a well constructed and thoughtful reflection about a difficult and worrying issue. It’s got many sides as uranium is used for power which is a lot cleaner than burning coal and so much better for global warming….but….the by-products can be used to make nuclear weapons…very troubling indeed!
    Good work

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