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Video reflection

Here is the link to the video A Long time ago in a place called charter house a man called Steven Gray used static electricity. At the charter they would preform with a set of 2 swings, a boy, Hauksbee Machine ( it creates static electricity) and gold leaf. The boy would lay across the swings […]


The prompt was …so, what lies ahead of…   I sat up and hoped, all I could see was ash and ruin for as far as I could see. I got up and hoped, where was everyone, then I decided to continue down the road. I saw someone and hoped, I ran a my heart content […]

BtN Zombie Lessons

This is the BtN Kids at Kendruth have learning how to create a vaccine for zombie a apocalypse. They also try to find a scientist/ chemist/ doctor who has they recipe for the cure. Their teachers have layed out a lesson for chemist and anatomy.  I think these teachers are the best for putting so much […]

Space School BtN

Here is the video click here At space school they each you how to become a engineer or astronomer even a astronaut. A man called Jean Francois Clervoy he was an astronaut he had in been space 3 times. He did 14-16 hours of work a day so he wasn’t away to long. I think […]


I paced down the corridor passed each dark door in the dim lit corridor. The floor was cold and the only sounds were of myself, suspense was scaring me they didn’t need a long winding corridor to the hall it didn’t tickle my fancy either. The floor seemed way to perfect and walls and doors, not […]