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I need to settle this no one else will. I hide in a nearby rock formation, and waited. It was long dark and one of the men walked from the denseness of the forest out to the clearing. I hears it that some mumble of words some secret language. I knew one thing I had to […]


“Karl your Mum is going to the chocolate”. “Yeah should we stop her?” At the moment a tall grown woman went into the hall where Karl and Jack were pecking into. “Where should we hide?” “I don’t know about the closet”. “Yeah lets do that now” ,Then I thought about the lollies and chocolate that we […]

“Oh sir mighty emperor Nero”. “I would like some more wine, no fill the royal baths with it”. “Sir we can do tomorrow may be you are to drunk”. “We need to celebrate my new palace”. “We have celebrated the fires and the flame already and the new palace”. “This is different and the emperor […]

Poem on earth from outer space

It’s a magnificent array of blue and green It shines among darkness It has complete silence among it’s beautite It makes you feel as if you have seen heaven How can something so insignificant become of such beaut? It feels as if you are experiencing this the most beaut us mere mortals shall ever see […]