“Karl your Mum is going to the chocolate”. “Yeah should we stop her?” At the moment a tall grown woman went into the hall where Karl and Jack were pecking into. “Where should we hide?” “I don’t know about the closet”. “Yeah lets do that now” ,Then I thought about the lollies and chocolate that we always loved to nibble into. Lets get the lollies yeah we ran across the room to the bed and reached underneath and grabbed the bag of deliciousness and we ran back inside the cupboard and Karl asked but where would we hide it all?

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  1. Ms McKenzie says:

    Hi Leo
    Thank you for sharing your writing with us. These two boys sound as if they are going to be in trouble when Karl’s mum finds them. I really like the way you described the bag of lollies as a bag of deliciousness! Do you like sneaking chocolate and lollies like these two?
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms McKenzie

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