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Poem on earth from outer space

It’s a magnificent array of blue and green It shines among darkness It has complete silence among it’s beautite It makes you feel as if you have seen heaven How can something so insignificant become of such beaut? It feels as if you are experiencing this the most beaut us mere mortals shall ever see […]


I’m quite good with communication / talking to others it’s not a strength but I do quite well. I can talk nicely or if they need to know I can talk more sternly to them. I can talk to most others and express my thoughts to them but not as many as I try I aim […]

War with no time

It had been the longest winter that anyone had very known. As winter went on less and less people went out. It wasn’t long till the port frozen in the town of Olan named after the first king’s name. But in winter people had less but this winter we ran out of food and some […]

Hello World

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog this next part is about my teachers holiday. I thought the ducks floating on the river is just crazy and the cat very cute and I wish I could go to Tasmania. I have two sister named Lucie who is going to school this year and Josie. Nothing […]