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Video reflection

Here is the link to the video A Long time ago in a place called charter house a man called Steven Gray used static electricity. At the charter they would preform with a set of 2 swings, a boy, Hauksbee Machine ( it creates static electricity) and gold leaf. The boy would lay across the swings […]

Federation speech

Men, Women and Governor with deepest pride I’m here to tell you we need to federate. Governor I your power but our economy is falling terribly. I have seen the poor people trying to get good pay in other colonies from selling goods. But it cost so much. Then people try to get around it by smuggling. People […]

BTN What happens if you disobey

Recalls: Convicts may have been thee lower class but had a good chance at a good life after their sentence. The two soldiers private Suds & private Thomson tried to steal cloth. Because they want to get caught my the higher ranking officers.  Questions: Why did the convicts sort get better off in Australia than […]

Mars in the future

As you may know Space X is planning to go to MARS. Elon Musk is the head of the company and wants to get to Mars in 2025. He has planed to send ships before with food and water for a chance to survive. How the hell is Elon Musk going to pull this off […]

Space Rock

Space Rock On the 31/12/2012 a meteor blew up on top of the Russian Ural Mountains. The meteor didn’t hit the ground but destroyed windows and injured many. The same day a meteor came straight at earth but then looped away. I understand that gravity can create a force that stops the meteor hitting earth. And […]

Our solar system

We live in the solar system it’s four and a half billion years old. We on earth, the only known to have life it is one of the terrestrial planets of the planetree system we live in. Jupiter is the biggest planet taking up 70% of the eight planet’s masses but the sun takes up […]

Early understandings of space

The babylonians used writing to help them record which help them do calculations to create their calendar which is much like ours. The maya developed the mayan long count calendar they created it by using their base 20 unlike our base 10 they used this by predicting the movements of the planets and stars. Ptolemy invented […]


We have been learning about natural disasters at the moment I have finished my project on “volcanoes”. Question Matrix Assessment Matrix volcanoes-project

BtN Comparing Chile and Haiti earthquakes

BtN Comparing Chile and Haiti earthquakes Early on in 2010 one earthquake happened at the island of Haiti and on occur in Chile. The magnitude of the earthquakes were Haiti’s with 7 and Chile’s topping the Haiti with a deadly 8.8. Both of these earth a huge, they’re super big, and life changing with our […]

What evaporates the fastest

We did an experiment to see what liquid evaporates the fastest. We did it to cover part of our grades. It was AMAZING to see all the chemical changes and physical ones. The standard we are covering is exploring the way solids, liquids and gases change under different situations such as heating and cooling. Our aim […]