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War with no time

It had been the longest winter that anyone had very known. As winter went on less and less people went out. It wasn’t long till the port frozen in the town of Olan named after the first king’s name. But in winter people had less but this winter we ran out of food and some […]

The battle at the village

  Long ago far through the ages there was a village. In the village lived four boys. John and Noah brothers and two best friends also brothers Mitch and Roy. These boys always stayed together. They were some of the only who were people who ever schooled in the village. The village was very old, […]

a war story

Rex felt like he was dead. Rex, Commando and I had nothing to do but talk together everyone had nothing to do but talk together except the enemy. Rex thought” if he didn’t do something he would go crazy.” Then he also thought about the enemy “enemy has an air raid everywhere but here.” Rex […]