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Video reflection

Here is the link to the video A Long time ago in a place called charter house a man called Steven Gray used static electricity. At the charter they would preform with a set of 2 swings, a boy, Hauksbee Machine ( it creates static electricity) and gold leaf. The boy would lay across the swings […]

BtN Zombie Lessons

This is the BtN Kids at Kendruth have learning how to create a vaccine for zombie a apocalypse. They also try to find a scientist/ chemist/ doctor who has they recipe for the cure. Their teachers have layed out a lesson for chemist and anatomy.  I think these teachers are the best for putting so much […]

Space School BtN

Here is the video click here At space school they each you how to become a engineer or astronomer even a astronaut. A man called Jean Francois Clervoy he was an astronaut he had in been space 3 times. He did 14-16 hours of work a day so he wasn’t away to long. I think […]

BtN Uranium Story

This the link to the BtN In 2014 the government decided to revisit trading uranium to India. There is a treaty about creating more nuclear weapons but India hasn’t signed it. This is bad because it means India can create nuclear weaponry. Nuclear weapons are devastating and using one kills so many and leaves the […]

War Games BtN

This video is about the USA and Australia training in a pretend war. This is the link to the video on War Games The USA dropped bombs on the coral reef in 2013 during this war game (According to the USA military it didn’t affected the reef and won’t explode). A war game is when a […]

House pricing Btn

This BTN was about house owning. Basically it was about the price skyrocketing for housing  This is the link to the video on house prices Ten years ago house weren’t even close to the price they are now (the price has gone up more than 30 times). According to how much people earn House prices are […]

Btn battle of the coral sea

75 years ago the battle of the coral began. During WW2 Australia and the USA sided and went into battle at the coral sea. It was the first ever sea air battle because both the allies and axis ships were hidden. Many pilots couldn’t land because to low petrol or being on fire, some of the […]

Anh Do’s experiences coming to Australia

Anh Do video on coming to Australia This video was about Anh Do’s experiences coming to Australia and things that happen when he got here. Anh Do was rescued why Germans because his Dad damaged his boat. The Nun’s who gave them clothes gave them all the right clothes just his little brother dressed as a girl. […]

BTN Federation explained

BTN federation (abc spash) In the video it talked about how and bit why Australia grew to federation. The bigger and more populated colonies thought they had to supply the other colonies I guess that would weaken New south Wales and Victoria the powerful colones. The smaller colonies thought they would be controlled by the […]

BTN What happens if you disobey

Recalls: Convicts may have been thee lower class but had a good chance at a good life after their sentence. The two soldiers private Suds & private Thomson tried to steal cloth. Because they want to get caught my the higher ranking officers.  Questions: Why did the convicts sort get better off in Australia than […]