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I enjoy camp here’s why. One of the activities I like were Geo Caching that’s where you go to different locations. We had questions to answer to unlock the chest full of mars bars. YUM. I also enjoyed abseiling down the cliff it was really scary. I went first. And it was so much fun. […]

Hour of code

Today we had a session of code. Code is a system that tech revolves around to do thing/commands. We used this site This is our coding website . We did this during the hour of code. This world wide and this is when many participate and some code. In the next generation we could be coding […]

What evaporates the fastest

We did an experiment to see what liquid evaporates the fastest. We did it to cover part of our grades. It was AMAZING to see all the chemical changes and physical ones. The standard we are covering is exploring the way solids, liquids and gases change under different situations such as heating and cooling. Our aim […]

Privacy awareness week

Today it was Education and Privacy awareness week so we watched Webinar on being a good bystander and learning about cyber bullying. The presentation was run by Sandra and Kelly who are from the eSafety Commission took us through some examples of being a good bystander. The examples were about a girl called Amy was […]


Everything is being destroyed, it’s the end of the world. Everything is disappearing I can’t see anything at all. Stairs? But that’s not possible is this what they call the stair way to heaven. “So I shall climb these the stair and see if they lead anywhere”. I said to myself. What felt like forever […]