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BTN Federation explained

BTN federation (abc spash) In the video it talked about how and bit why Australia grew to federation. The bigger and more populated colonies thought they had to supply the other colonies I guess that would weaken New south Wales and Victoria the powerful colones. The smaller colonies thought they would be controlled by the […]

BTN What happens if you disobey

Recalls: Convicts may have been thee lower class but had a good chance at a good life after their sentence. The two soldiers private Suds & private Thomson tried to steal cloth. Because they want to get caught my the higher ranking officers.  Questions: Why did the convicts sort get better off in Australia than […]


I enjoy camp here’s why. One of the activities I like were Geo Caching that’s where you go to different locations. We had questions to answer to unlock the chest full of mars bars. YUM. I also enjoyed abseiling down the cliff it was really scary. I went first. And it was so much fun. […]

Safer Internet Day

Today we did a webinar for safer internet day. There 128 countries that have Safer Internet day we did the Victoria webinar. We learned that you can make things private via settings. It’s common to have people trying to take info from you. A digital footprint is your life online. If people are mean you […]

Hour of code

Today we had a session of code. Code is a system that tech revolves around to do thing/commands. We used this site This is our coding website . We did this during the hour of code. This world wide and this is when many participate and some code. In the next generation we could be coding […]

Our solar system

We live in the solar system it’s four and a half billion years old. We on earth, the only known to have life it is one of the terrestrial planets of the planetree system we live in. Jupiter is the biggest planet taking up 70% of the eight planet’s masses but the sun takes up […]

Refection on my speech

I didn’t have to much trouble finding answers because there was a lot but with all the info I found it hard to choose the best info another was finding a great image because not many had showed the molecules or atoms in the image. I think a strong point was being able to explain […]