BtN Zombie Lessons

This is the BtN Kids at Kendruth have learning how to create a vaccine for zombie a apocalypse. They also try to find a scientist/ chemist/ doctor who has they recipe for the cure. Their teachers have layed out a lesson for chemist and anatomy.  I think these teachers are the best for putting so much […]

Space School BtN

Here is the video click here At space school they each you how to become a engineer or astronomer even a astronaut. A man called Jean Francois Clervoy he was an astronaut he had in been space 3 times. He did 14-16 hours of work a day so he wasn’t away to long. I think […]


I paced down the corridor passed each dark door in the dim lit corridor. The floor was cold and the only sounds were of myself, suspense was scaring me they didn’t need a long winding corridor to the hall it didn’t tickle my fancy either. The floor seemed way to perfect and walls and doors, not […]


Today I was the boat around the Antarctic I love seeing all these animal and being a photographer and I got the greatest prize I and my colleagues could ever get of the cutest little seal I was looking at all the whales I knew this would give me the win. In the competition then I […]


Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin I hate when my sister plays that thing it’s so annoying. I think it’s a violin or a pain maker. I feel like it might of wrecked my favorite cushion. I always sit upon’ It’s scarlet and now hard as rock. I tryed to tell my mum to stop her […]


“Sir raise your hands” “You can’t catch me it will never happen”. “It has to happen Karl it’s to much for our survival” “Jack I know the duty of someone such as you but I won’t stop” “But their gonna kill you” “No you will”. “You have the gun, the power and will to kill […]


I toss and turn as the light dimmed. The markings of houses and small shops were in ruin. I was deciding to make a run for it, something wasn’t letting me. I kept feeling shadows fall from nothing. I was getting really cold, my hands were frozen. I was skeletons on the ground oozing finally […]

BtN Uranium Story

This the link to the BtN In 2014 the government decided to revisit trading uranium to India. There is a treaty about creating more nuclear weapons but India hasn’t signed it. This is bad because it means India can create nuclear weaponry. Nuclear weapons are devastating and using one kills so many and leaves the […]


I looked around the darken night the blots shot from all directions the wind crescendoed and the carousel began to turn the roller coaster ran, the pier shook back and fore. The horses charged I ran. I looked towards the moon the final light faded I felt the air toughen and heard the pier creak. The darkness […]

Aquarium Excursion

We visited the Melbourne aquarium we many Animals but I will tell you about a few. This is the aquarium website Many animals in the ocean have features for reasons like how the Port Jackson Sharks eggs are designed so the look like seaweed and feel like sea weed to. The babies in side can senses […]