House pricing Btn

This BTN was about house owning. Basically it was about the price skyrocketing for housing  This is the link to the video on house prices Ten years ago house weren’t even close to the price they are now (the price has gone up more than 30 times). According to how much people earn House prices are […]


“Mum what’s for dinner” I asked not really politely though I did my best polite voice and everything but she said to wait. “Mum what will I have to do to know whats for dinner” I announced again she said”what and see coz the more you ask something might happen to dinner” I really had […]

Btn battle of the coral sea

75 years ago the battle of the coral began. During WW2 Australia and the USA sided and went into battle at the coral sea. It was the first ever sea air battle because both the allies and axis ships were hidden. Many pilots couldn’t land because to low petrol or being on fire, some of the […]


“Sir look” “what is it” there’s a fire” “where” “mmmmm” “where is the fire” “behind you out in to the abyss there’s is always a fire” “Excuse me the abyss has no fire and ever will. You were the one to discover that weren’t you” “yes Sir but behind you there’s a fire” “okay locate […]


I picked it up it was damp and rip I turned around again nothing like before I turned back and fore a few times eventually I sat down to a ant on the my wrecked computer with a prefect sphere of water just struggling to move it. I looked back at the note and sighed. […]

100wc that

I walked in to the lab there were bodies everywhere in the walls and they were hard like the lab walls. I sat down and type this up and I turned ,behind me was a note cover in dust and pieces and rock. I didn’t understand, suddenly the lights began to flicker I walked to […]


I dashed around the corner still being chased down by him it’s beginning to feel really cold then he turned the corner brown waistcoat upon him then I realized this was woman with such beautiful coat she turned asked to me have my picture. Of course I said “NO”. Then she pulled her camera. Then I […]

Anh Do’s experiences coming to Australia

Anh Do video on coming to Australia This video was about Anh Do’s experiences coming to Australia and things that happen when he got here. Anh Do was rescued why Germans because his Dad damaged his boat. The Nun’s who gave them clothes gave them all the right clothes just his little brother dressed as a girl. […]

Federation speech

Men, Women and Governor with deepest pride I’m here to tell you we need to federate. Governor I your power but our economy is falling terribly. I have seen the poor people trying to get good pay in other colonies from selling goods. But it cost so much. Then people try to get around it by smuggling. People […]

BTN Federation explained

BTN federation (abc spash) In the video it talked about how and bit why Australia grew to federation. The bigger and more populated colonies thought they had to supply the other colonies I guess that would weaken New south Wales and Victoria the powerful colones. The smaller colonies thought they would be controlled by the […]