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btn Port Arthur attacks

My 3 facts:Martin Bryant was the one who did the attacks. Martin was sent to 35 life sentences in prison and 1000 years without parloe meaning he will not come out during his life time. The reason for the attacks are the bad gun laws so even little kids could have a gun. My 2 […]


Once there was a blue planet where all of it’s peoples recycle, and from the recycling they create a thing I can’t describe it has volume shape but it’s invisible and they may not let me see it they will never give it a name I think they should really should give it a name […]

BTN School Sports

My three facts are, that the american have schools that have a studium with seats for 95 000 people. Some players are so good that they are prized members of other teams. The americans have schools that are multi-million dollar winners. My two understanding are, that the american give schools a lot of money. The […]

Civics and Citizenship

This term we have covered Civics and Citizenship. Something’s we have learnt are how come we are democracy and why we have parliament. My 3 facts are that they another name for the house of reps the green house and the senate’s other name is red house. The members in the house of reps come […]


I had been around the palace twice but I still could not any treasure it sucks the jade palace has no treasure I know it’s a myth but I spend all my money to get there and yet nothing this is crazy. If I don’t fall on a trap door soon I will set the […]

State laws

My 3 facts: There was a time when there no Australia just six states. All the states are different they have different sports, industry and laws. That the federal parliament can change state laws. My 2 understandings: That states sometimes make laws against federal parliament. I don’t think we should have a court but states […]

100wc #13

Once upon a time on a planet far, far away long ago on the was called earth at the it was home to the dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were not that smart they knew how do do basic such as eat, walk, etc. 65 million years ago, a meteorite was charging at earth. To the dinosaurs […]